The Adventures of Kato the Crested Gecko

A small crested gecko tries to make it big in Cambridge

Shedding off one more layer of skin

Kato senses a photo opportunity

Kato senses a photo opportunity

Unfortunately, by the time I set up the tripod, he’d lifted his head, but when I found him, he was fast asleep with his head hanging down.

Naturalistic Vivarium Build

We did this a few weeks back, but here are some “making of” pictures of our naturalistic vivarium for Kato, our crested gecko.

First of all, we got an Exo Terra 45x45x60cm vivarium from Leaping Lizards in York.

For live plants, we chose a nice ficus ‘Golden King’ and an anthurium.  We also got a piece of grape vine and Kato’s original branch from his faunarium.

Kato inspected our purchases and deemed them worthy…

We also got everything for our planned waterfall and pool, using an Eheim 300 pump and a coco leaf.

We added a layer of hydroleca (expanded clay balls), creating a small pool using some stones.  The pump was placed in a pot surrounded by filter floss.

We used a couple of elbow joints and tubing to go about half-way up the back, creating a waterfall that comes out of the background, runs down a coco leaf that we attached to the background with silicon and to a pool at the front via a channel (originally a cut plastic bottle, but now bamboo).

We’re using a 5% UV lamp for the plants and everything seems to be doing well.  Little Kato in particular enjoys lounging around on his flower and scampering back and forth over his bridge:

Well, I’ve been neglecting this site recently, but we certainly haven’t been neglecting young Kato.

Our little crested gecko has now moved into to a full size, naturalistic vivarium.

I’ll post up some construction photos soon.

New Horizons

This blog is called The Adventures of Kato the Gecko, and Kato certainly has been having adventures.

When we came down this morning to say hello, we thought Kato was very well hidden.  But as we looked closely and then began removing things from the faunarium, we realised we were running out of places to look.

Once everything had been taken out, we knew we had an AWOL gecko.

That faunarium has a hole cut in the lid where the cables for the thermostat and thermometer go in.  It’s quite a small hole and we didn’t think Kato could fit through. 

Kato proved us wrong.

Eventually we found Kato tucked up in a towel near to the faunarium, but it was a rather worrying 10 minutes.

I’m sure Kato was pleased to get back in the safety of the faunarium…